GLYCOLICPEEL 70% (30 ml)

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  • Manufacturer: MARTINEX
  • Categories: ქიმიური პილინგები
  • Code: BY390

The most common chemical surface peeling is based on glycolic acid. This acid has the most active molecule of all alpha hydroxy acids, due to which preparations based on it are distinguished by pronounced exfoliating, stimulating and antioxidant properties. The action of glycolic acid is intended to mitigate lactokine, a complex containing cow's milk protein. Thanks to it, the protective functions of the skin are restored faster, and the peeling procedure itself becomes less traumatic and safe. Release form Bottle 30 ml Indications for use: age-related changes and uneven skin surface hyperpigmentation hyperkeratosis seborrhea acne and acne scars Benefits Glycolicpeel peeling is effective in solving a wide range of aesthetic skin problems of any age.


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