• მწარმოებელი: MARTINEX
  • კატეგორიები: ბიორეპარაცია
  • კოდი: BY253

Release form Bottles 5 ml HA concentration: 6 mg / ml Molecular weight: 3 million Da Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid modified with vitamin C, riboflavin. Indications: Age-related decrease in skin firmness and elasticity, combined with a tendency to the appearance of inflammatory elements. Acne disease Change in micro and macro relief (enlarged pores, areas of hyperkeratosis) Skin reactivity and sensitivity Atrophic scars (striae, post-acne) Xerosis of the skin Seborrhea, including the scalp Diffuse hair loss Clinical effects: Hydration Improving complexion Relief of inflammation Reducing the severity of stagnant post-inflammatory spots Decrease in sensitivity, skin reactivity Whitening of areas of post-inflammatory pigmentation Alignment of the skin relief (softening and reducing the depth of post-acne scars) Course: 3-5 procedures, once every 2 weeks


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