HYALUFORM® Lift booster (1,5 ml)


  • მწარმოებელი: MARTINEX
  • კატეგორიები: ბუსტერი
  • კოდი: BY399


  • – moderate and deep wrinkles;
  • – normal, oily skin;
  • – thick, atonic skin;
  • – decrease of skin elasticity and tone for lifting;
  • – after application of HYALUFORM® Hydro booster for prolonged dermal hydration completing a course of procedures;
  • – atrophic scars, post-acne, stretch marks.


– It has a potent lifting action combined with prolonged hydration. As the product is partially stabilized, it retains in the derma longer than HYALUFORM® biorevitalizant 1% and allows getting a profound skin turgor. Due to its viscosity and structure particularities, HYALUFORM® biorevitalizant 1.8% is applied with linear retrograde technique for skin bioreinforcing which gives a stable lifting effect observed by a patient from the first procedure.


  • – Lifting of face oval, increase of skin turgor; decrease of moderate and deep wrinkles;
  • – skin lifting of the abdomen, hip, internal shoulder surface;
  • – decrease of atrophia, stretch marks.
  • – Techniques – tubercules, linear.


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