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  • Производитель: MARTINEX
  • Категории: ბიორეპარაცია
  • Код: BY254

Release form Bottles 5 ml HA concentration: 6 mg / ml Molecular weight: 3 million Da Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid modified with vitamin C, valine, lysine, cysteine. Indications: Correction of age-related skin changes: restoration of the lost volume of the dermis, filling in depressions and wrinkles Restoration of skin hydration Strengthening blood vessels Hyperpigmentation Xerosis of the skin Involutional changes in the skin of the anterior abdominal wall, inner thigh, inner shoulder, hands, etc. Cicatricial conditions (including stretch marks and post-acne scars) As a preparation and rehabilitation of the skin before and after plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peelings. Clinical effects: Moisturizing the skin Rejuvenation (smoothing of wrinkles, lifting) Improving skin smoothness Improving complexion Lightening age spots Reducing the severity of rosacea Course: 3-5 procedures, once every 2 weeks


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